The beautiful people of Namibia's slums


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Lesbians making love in Namibia Loving couple arguing in Katutura Bartender in Katutura Woman in Katutura
Namibia-Himba-001 Namibia-Himba-002 Namibia-Himba-003 Namibia-Himba-004
Two Himba women chatting Woman in sunset Two neighbors grinding flower My hostess reaching for dried corn on the roof
Namibia-Himba-005 Namibia-Himba-006 Namibia-Himba-007 Namibia-Himba-008
Motherly love Woman chatting with neighbor Older Himba woman Young Himba women grinding maize in evening sun
Namibia-Himba-009 Namibia-Himba-010 Namibia-Himba-011 Namibia-Himba-012
Himba village meeting Himba girl writing Himba woman milking cow My hostess grinding corn
Namibia-Himba-013 Namibia-Himba-014 Namibia-Himba-015 Namibia-Himba-016
Neighboring tribes woman visits my hostess' son Himba woman catching kids Himba boy covered with butterfat Himba woman chasing the goats out in the morning
Namibia-Himba-017 Namibia-Himba-018 Namibia-Himba-019 Namibia-Himba-020
Early morning Himba breakfast Mother playing with daughter all evening Non-Himba girl from neighboring tribe visits our village My wonderful hostess

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