The beautiful people of Namibia's slums


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My hostess outside her shack in Big Ben Young Couple in Big Ben near Windhook Young couple in Big Ben around Windhook Single woman outside her shack in Katutura
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Drinking men in Katutura - biggest slum in Windhouk Woman cutting meat in the Katutura slum Woman cutting meat in Katutura Woman breast feeding child in Katutura
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Arguing women in Katutura The rare sight of a present father in the Katututra slum My hostess Agnes inspecting our shack My hostess Agnes in the Katutura slum
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My hostess Agnes with our next dor neighbour My hostesss Agnes with our neighbor in Katutura Agnes mother, dying from aids in Katutura Caretaker of aids orphans in Katutura
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Old woman in Katutura My hostesses Anitha and Sophia in Katutura Young couple in love With woman in the Katutura slum
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My hostess selling cokain to gangsters Sophia and Anitha making love My hostesses making love in our bed Young Namibian couple in love

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