The beautiful people of Namibia's slums


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Namibia-Himba-021 Namibia-Himba-022 Namibia-Himba-023 Namibia-Himba-024
Early morning flirting and milking of cows Upstairs downstairs Himba woman My hostess with her youngest child
Namibia-Himba-025 Namibia-Himba-026 Namibia-Himba-027 Namibia-Himba-028
Young Himba woman Himba girl in the fields Mother and child Buried on September 11th
Namibia-Himba-029 Namibia-Himba-030 Namibia-Himba-031 Namibia-Himba-032
Himba woman making jewelry Himba boy fetching water on a donkey Mother and child at fire My friend comes to visit me
Namibia-Himba-033 Namibia-Himba-034 Namibia-Himba-035 Namibia-Himba-036
Himba children with barrel Himba children with cup My host with the cows Himba family cooking supper
Namibia-Himba-037 Namibia-Himba-038 Namibia-Himba-039 Namibia-Himba-040
Woman grinding flower Milking cows at night Himba boy carrying child Himba girl trading with tourists in town
Namibia-Himba-041 Namibia-Himba-042 Namibia-Himba-043 Namibia-Himba-044
Himba woman and child on a drive in my car Himba woman in super market in the big city Himba woman in super market Himba and Herero woman in my compound

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