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Carol, Sandra and Kassandra Johnson

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I met Carol, Sandra and Kassandra when staying with Lela Taylor, who was their aunt and neighbor. And I have tried to keep up with them ever since. Carol was part of a Danish movie about my life in 2015. When I realised they only had a few paper photos of their childhood and borrowed them with me to Denmark to digitelize them so all of their family can share them. My own photos are those with the year in the titel, but please correct me in those places where I am wrong - also in the spelling.

Carol.Johnson-1996_1690004 Carol.Johnson-1996_1690005 Carol.Johnson-1996_1690006 Carol.Johnson-1996_1690023
Carol.Johnson-1996_1690004   Carol.Johnson-1996_1690005   Carol.Johnson-1996_1690006   Carol.Johnson-1996_1690023  
Carol.Johnson-2015-09-00 Carol.Johnson-2015-09-05 Carol.Johnson-2015-09-15 Carol.Johnson-2015-09-25
Carol.Johnson-2015-09-00   Carol.Johnson-2015-09-05   Carol.Johnson-2015-09-15   Carol.Johnson-2015-09-25  
Carol.Johnson-2015-09-35 Carol.Johnson-2015-09-40 Carol.Johnson-2015-09-45 Carolin-Johnson-01
Carol.Johnson-2015-09-35   Carol.Johnson-2015-09-40   Carol.Johnson-2015-09-45   Carolin-Johnson-01  
Carolin-Johnson-02 Carolin-Johnson-03 Carolin-Johnson-04 Carolin-Johnson-05
Carolin-Johnson-02   Carolin-Johnson-03   Carolin-Johnson-04   Carolin-Johnson-05  
Family-01 Family-02 Family-03 Family-04
Family-01   Family-02   Family-03   Family-04  
Family-05 Family-06 Family-07 Family-08
Family-05   Family-06   Family-07   Family-08  
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