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Please note: To protect the privacy of my friends I have changed or left out their names
and only give state or big cities as location! - Jacob Holdt

USA: Symbols of white oppression

White supremacy in photography

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White parents fighting to
keep blacks in the ghetto
Honor America in
collapsing ghetto school
Why pledge allegiance? Whites against mixing
with blacks
Shooting up the WTC Billions and billions served Freedom for whom? Cops beating up black
Statue of liberty seen
from behind bars
Reaching for the heights "Fuck you, whitey!" Signing up to kill the poor
Constant race profiling
and harassment of blacks
Guns vs. butter - warship
and housing project
White values
Tobacco workers and
white auctioneers
Homeless vs.
downtown affluence
Guns vs. butter - warship
and housing project
Cotton worker under
white rule
The beauty and the beast
usa-01587 usa-01269 usa-01278
Nixon and welfare mother Proudly we serve
....the least of our brethren
Military training
over shacks
Run over by white suburbia
usa-01253 usa-01592 usa-02072 usa-01712
White politicians turning
their backs on shacks
Oil for the rich
...pennies for the poor
Why should we love our
Minimum wages only
half those in Europe
usa-01785 usa-01666 usa-01786 usa-02050
Enlist for Hawaii!
White crumbs for the poor ...if you can even get a job in
your boarded up neighborhood
and still the greatest?
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