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Please note: To protect the privacy of my friends I have changed or left out their names
and only give state or big cities as location! - Jacob Holdt

USA: Symbols of white oppression

White supremacy in photography

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Poor children no way near
a life in Wonder World
Cotton picker and
passing motor homes
Ghetto children under
freeways for white suburbia
Boss making a million a
year on poor farm workers
Poor shacks and passing
motor homes from the North
Nigger, stay in the ghetto
we've consigned you to!
Black caddies paid 5$ an
hour in Palm Beach
Millionaires using cheap
labor in chain gangs
You do not receive
because you ask wrongly
Reaching for the passing
white world above
Poor wino getting drunk
on billions for warships
Air plane over shack
Unemployed men not yet
flying their own jets.
A smile from the closest
neighbor to Congress
Rich and homeless Poor black nannies with
rich white children
The powerless vs.
the powerful
Poor babysitter for rich
people's child
Isn't Black Velvet smooth? White sexism everywhere
Black vs. white women Let black mammy fill
you up
Holding on to a history
of white supremacy
Protecting bussed black
children from whites
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