My photos from Uganda

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The dwarf-like size of Pygmies

On my photos of pygmies they look quite normal of height - partly because I had to use wide-angle lenses in their small houses. Since my pictures in that sense are lying I am here showing a little selection of how they measure up with myself. However, these pictures are also lying since I am above average height among Danes who on average are much taller than most people in poor countries. Some of the Pygmy houses were so small that I got stuck inside and had to be dragged out.

Batwa-Byumba-69 Batwa-Kitario-132 Batwa-Kitario-158 Batwa-Byumba-27
Batwa-Kitario-194  Batwa-Kitario-198 Batwa-Kitario-157 Batwa-Mukongoro-033
 Batwa-Byumba-70  Batwa-Mukongoro-032  Batwa-Byumba-67 Batwa-Byumba-28
  Batwa-Kitahuria-212 Batwa-Kitahuria-214 Batwa-Mukongoro-034

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