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usa-kkkak02-007 usa-kkkak02-008 usa-kkkak02-009 usa-kkkak02-010
Pamela's and
Jeffery's letters
Pamela with her parrot Pamela thinking of
Jeffery in prison
Pamela writing to
Jeff in prison
usa-kkkak02-011 usa-kkkak02-012 usa-kkkak02-013 usa-kkkak02-014
Klan leader's bedroom Pamela in the Klan hood Pamela as young American Pride World Wide
usa-kkkak02-015 usa-kkkak02-016 usa-kkkak02-017 usa-kkkak02-018
It was love at first sight Proposing to the Klan leader's wife With Pamela in prison Pamela drawing
with Jeffery's grandchild
usa-kkkak02-019 usa-kkkak02-020 usa-kkkak02-021 usa-kkkak02-022
Pamela drawing
with grandchild
The Klan leader's
grandchild drawing
Pam dressing up
in the Klan hood
Learning to say "White power"
usa-kkkak02-023 usa-kkkak02-024 usa-kkkak02-025 usa-kkkak02-026
Pamela playing with
the grandchild
Pamela and the grandchild
in the rebel flag
The Klan leader's grandchild
in the rebel flag
Jeffery's grandchild in
the flag of hate

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